Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I wanna see your Peacock! - Faberge Egg Project

This project involved designing and making our own version of a Faberge Egg, using a variety of processes such as vacuum forming, silicon casting and casting in fast cast.

My chosen theme was Art Nouveau - I'm not sure how obvious this is from the end result but all of the patterns which I used were taken from Art Nouveau patterns at the V&A Museum. The gold studs and heart at the bottom of the egg were both made using a silicon mould and fast cast. 

Part of the project was also to make an object to sit inside the egg. After carrying out my research, I discovered that a common theme with Art Nouveau were animals such as butterflies, dragnoflies and peacocks. I decided to make a small peacock out of Sculpey to fit inside the egg and which can be removed to keep as a separate object. 

Not sure about the pattern on the outside of the egg, however, I do think that the MDF base works well.